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customer appreciation program

Our fans are the best and we cant thank you enough for all the support. Retic Yoyo is starting a customer appreciation program. To enroll simply subscribe to our updates on the bottom of the home page on and your all set. I think this will be alot of fun for everyone.

How it works. Every 5th yoyo purchase will get you a care package. Items that can be in care packages are. New retic yoyo. A or B grade possible Retic yoyo hat Retic yoyo shirt Retic yoyo mug Pack of Retic yoyo stickers/yoyo strings Yoyo bag

Each care package will include at least two of the items listed above and will be chosen through rng just like the video games do. If you have purchased a yoyo from your previous purchases will be included in your totals once you subscribe to our updates. Some of you are pretty close to a care package right now

Please feel free to ask any questions

alien galaxy puff adder yoyo
puff adder yoyo

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