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Retic's First V shaped yoyo is here. The Atra is a Comfortable V shaped monometal throw that puts fun at the top of the list. The name Atra come from one of my favorite snakes the "Naja Atra" AKA the Chinese Cobra. This is a prototype and the final version may change a little. Grab your piece of Retic history before its to late.


Diameter - 54.64mm
Width - 46.12mm
Gap - 4.59mm
Weight - 66.68g

Color - Proto Brown

Only 10 of these were made



Prototype yoyo's sometimes have some very minor ano flaws or a tiny bit of fingernail vibe.

They are a collectors item due to the extreme rarity


Each yoyo comes with a Box, Yoyo Bag, Custom MPString and some stickers.

Atra Prototype V1

SKU: 10007190056
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