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The Burm is finally here! It's BIG and Floaty, but most of all its just FUN!

The name "Burm" comes from the Burmese Python, a big fun snake.

Give the Burm a throw and let us know what you think of it.



7075 Aluminum
Diameter - 68.00mm
Width - 58.25mm
Gap - 4.59mm
Weight - 69.92g

10mm Axle

Retic 10Ball C KK Bearing

Extra groove around Response




Flat Black

Ocean View



Each Yoyo comes with Box, Stickers and MP string.


Due to the size and nature of this monster yoyo there is very minor fingernail vibe in every yoyo, it is virtually unnoticable, I am Very Very Picky and wanted everyone to know. If your curiuous how it feel's, ask around alot of people have tried it already at the recent contests

Burm Solid Colors

SKU: 10007190058
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