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Death Adder is the next yoyo in the Adder series. I took everything I loved about the Puff Adder and made a tweaked BiMetal version of it. This is a prototype and the final version may change a little. Grab your piece of Retic history before its to late.



6061 aluminum with Brass rings
Diameter - 55.00mm
Width - 45.00mm
Gap - 4.5mm
Weight - 62.5g

Color - Splash of Punk

Only 10 of these were made



Prototype yoyo's sometimes have some very minor ano flaws or a tiny bit of fingernail vibe.

They are a collectors item due to the extreme rarity


Each yoyo comes with a Box, Yoyo Bag, Custom MPString and some stickers.

Death Adder Prototype V1

SKU: 10007190055
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