Founded in June of 2017 in southern Colorado. The Future is Bright!
Neil Baker

Founder and Owner of Reticulated Return Tops. Retics YoYo designer and tester. Full time father and husband. Prohibition fighter. Reptile lover. Skateboards, guitars and DBZ

Mike Pasikowski

Owner of MP Strings, Custom YoYo String maker and Professional YoYo Player.


Adam Nance

Founder of the National Recreational YoYo Association and Professional YoYo Player.


Jonah Slider

Professional YoYo Player. Look for Jonah at some upcoming contests

Kameron Huff

2017 Missouri State YoYo Champion. Professional YoYo Player. Professional Saxophonist. Full Time Jazz Performance Major. Look For Kameron at some upcoming contests

Tyler LaGrange

Professional YoYo Player. Team Photographer and Jack of all Trades!