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When making the Puff Adder, I wanted a powerhouse of a yoyo that could handle every trick I could throw at it. I wanted it to be competition worthy but still fun and aesthetically pleasing. Mission accomplished! This yoyo will take on any challange you can give it and leave you asking for more. I really hope you will enjoy this yoyo as much as I do!

The name Puff Adder come from one of my favorite snakes, the deadly Bitis Arietans aka the Puff Adder. I wanted this yoyo to feel as special to you as a new pet snake does to me, thats why each puff adder yoyo comes in a mini snake bag placed inside a mini replica of the gables box that most of my snakes have been sold in.

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B Grade for ano flaws and/or very minor vibe. Still Plays and looks great!

Diameter - 53.07mm
Width - 43.35mm
Gap - 4.5mm
Weight - 64.5g

Color - Your choice

Each B grade yoyo comes with a Box, String and some stickers.

B Grade Puff Adder - You pick - Splash

SKU: 10007190046
$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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